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Conference History

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The first International workshop on Frontiers of Information technology was held in December 2003 at Islamabad Pakistan. The workshop was organized by COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Pakistan co-sponsored by National Science Foundation USA and COMSATS In cooperation with University of Illinois, Chicago and Purdue University. The workshop was successfully organized for six years and thus upgraded to International conference in 2009, technically sponsored by ACM. The workshop held regularly as an annual event from 2003 till 2008. In these six workshops, researcher from all over the world presented their work. The workshop also provided a forum for networking among academia and IT professionals. The graduate students from various universities of Pakistan and international universities took ideas for their graduate thesis and projects. There were number of joint projects done in collaboration by international universities and CIIT.

FIT 2011, Islamabad, Pakistan

FIT 11 was held on December 19~21, 2011, at Islamabad Pakistan. The proceedings of the conference are published in IEEE Xplore and IEEE Computer Society Digital libraries. A total of 235 submissions from all over the world were received and 64 papers were accepted for oral presentation after a thorough and blind review process hence yielding an acceptance rate of 27%. A total of 669 reviews were completed by 229 reviewers belonging to different national and international universities. The authors joined the conference from different countries and from all provinces of Pakistan as well. A total of 28 technical sessions were chaired by renowned academicians. The areas under focus included Scalable Computing, Computers and Society, Genetic and Evolutionary Computation, Artificial intelligence, Intelligent Systems, Controls and Automation, Computer graphics, vision, and image processing, Communication and Networks, Software Engineering, Computer applications and Mobile Computing.

FIT 2011 remained in full swing for three days. It hosted around 300 national and international professionals and around 250 students. During these three days a total of 30 invited talks were also delivered which addressed the latest trends in areas of computing and electrical engineering. Invited speakers represented renowned national and international universities. Three tutorials were conducted by experts on image processing, 4G/LTE technology and pedagogy. These tutorials were quite useful and created an interest for further exploration of these fields.

For more information, visit the conference page.

FIT 2010, Islamabad, Pakistan

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology organized International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology FIT 2010 on December 21 -23, 2010. The proceedings of the conference are included in the ACM Digital Library (ISBN # 978-1-4503-0342-2). We received 188 research papers from 27 countries out of which 55 were selected for oral presentation after a thorough and blind review process yielding an acceptance rate of 29.25 %. A total of 480 reviews were completed by 180 reviewers from different universities of Pakistan and abroad. The authors came from different countries as well as from all four provinces of Pakistan. A total of 25 technical sessions were organized chaired by renowned academicians. The focus areas include Communication and Networking, IT Security, Internet Governance, Grid Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Computational Science, Computer Graphics, Image Processing & Pattern Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Semantic Web & Intelligent Agents, Distributed & Grid Computing, and Machine Intelligence.

FIT was inaugurated on December, 21 2010 and remained in full swing for three days. It was all due to the contributions by our distinguished guests coming from all over the world. The guests consisted of around 200 national and international professionals and around 250 students.

A total of 23 invited talks were delivered on the latest trends in the areas of computing and electrical engineering. These talks were thought provoking and the source of inspiration for the audience. Invited speakers represented many universities including Iowa state university, University of Central Florida, University of Minnessota, State university of New York, National University San Diego, Johannes Kepler University, Austria, Kuwait University, University of burgundy, France, University of Warwick UK, Oxford University, LUMS, NUST, CASE, GIK, NED, FAST, Sir Syed University of Science and Technology, and COMSATS Institute of information technology.

Four tutorial sessions were conducted by the experts on path planning applications, pervasive computing, optical communication, and knowledge Engineering. All the tutorial discussions were very interactive and healthy participation was observed. These tutorial discussions have really opened new corridors in the learning of these domains.

PhD symposium was also part of FIT 10 where young researchers participated and shared their on-going research. Thorough deliberations were carried out and remedial measures were suggested for the problems faced by young researchers. Indeed, PhD symposium proved to be an excellent platform for graduate students to share their ideas with domain experts.

A total of 29 projects were also displayed by undergraduate students of CIIT campuses. The projects included 16 projects from Computer Sciences while 13 from electrical engineering domain. The projects were evaluated by experts from PUCIT, NUST, GIKI, and UET Peshawar

FIT 2009, Abbottabad, Pakistan

International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology held at Abbottabad Pakistan from 16th ~ 18th December 2009. In FIT 2009, more than 200 papers were received and 50 papers were accepted for oral presentation yielding an acceptance ratio of 25%. 20 papers were selected for poster presentation.

A series of invited talks were organized as a part of technical sessions where world renowned scholars and researchers delivered talks.

Besides technical sessions, PhD symposia was organized where PhD students were provided unique opportunity to present their ongoing research and these symposia were conducted by academia elite from the arena of information technology world.

Tutorial sessions were also part of the events’ galaxy of FIT 2009. Tutorial discussions on the various topics of interest for IT community was organized and delivered by the gurus in their research area.

Exhibition on undergraduate projects and research posters was also collocated with conference. The exhibition provided an opportunity to the fresh minds to share their innovative ideas with the seasoned researchers and scholars. more...

FIT 2008, Bhurban, Pakistan

The 6th workshop on Frontiers of Information technology held on 18-19 December 2008 at PC Hotels Bhurban Pakistan. In the sixth workshop, the FIT secretariat received 97 research papers and sixteen papers were selected for presentation. Besides, fifteen invited talks and one tutorial were delivered by the professors and senior IT professionals from USA, UK, Austria, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait.

The FIT also encouraged students to present their graduate project work. A total of 29 projects were displayed from the computer science and electrical engineering disciplines. Six students were awarded with prizes.

FIT 2007, Islamabad, Pakistan

FIT 2006, Islamabad, Pakistan

FIT 2005, Islamabad, Pakistan

FIT 2004, Islamabad, Pakistan

FIT 2003, Islamabad, Pakistan



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